photo of smiling crossing guards

πŸ›‘ School safety begins before children arrive on campus.  Police and crossing guards have asked us to share important safety rules regarding crosswalks and school zones.  

  •  When you see a crossing guard with their sign up or in the crosswalk, that means STOP! Do not proceed until the crossing guard has returned to the curb.  

  • You may not enter a crosswalk while the guard has their stop sign up. Even if they are no longer on your side of the street, you have to wait.

  • Do not stop in the crosswalk! Crossing guards can't cross kids with cars in the way. Please stop behind the crosswalk.

  •  You may not turn right if a crossing guard is in the crosswalk. You endanger the lives of guards and children by doing this.

  • Obey the speed limit in school zones. (school zone times & locations)

Be respectful to crossing guards.  They are there to keep your kids safe.  Please thank them for their service! 

πŸ”΄ Remember

  • NO cell phone use in school zones.

  • Watch for school bus lights - Stop, Don't Pass!

  • Leave early for school - don't add to last-minute traffic and frustration.

🚌 Need a ride? Ride the school bus!  Call 325-574-8960 for more information.