photo of snyder high school students smiling - they won 1st place at nationals!

This past weekend, Snyder High School students traveled to Washington D.C. to compete in the Educators Rising National Conference. We are excited to announce that Allie Beck, Collin Mitten, and Fiona Jazexhiu won FIRST PLACE for the Inside Our Schools Category.

Their project covered the Education and Training Program and its partnership with  Evergreen - SISD Research and Retail Greenhouse.  After watching their video submission, you will quickly understand why the judges decided this program should earn first place in the Nation!

Congratulations to these students and all of the participating students and sponsors, including TAFE sponsor Wendy Hunter and former Greenhouse Director McKenna Jenkins. Their leadership and implementation of this program fueled by the vision of outgoing SISD Superintendent Dr. Eddie Bland and the support of the Snyder ISD Board of Trustees have positioned this program for success for years to come!

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