Tiger Heart Awards Graphic

We are starting our Tiger Heart Awards for February! These students can be selected by teachers for showing academic growth, good character, leadership and hard work. We are so proud to honor our students for working so hard especially during such a challenging year.  

Jaxson Green was nominated by Mrs. Lewis. Mrs. Lewis says "Jaxson comes into class smiling every day - he is always making people laugh. He is a hard worker and a team player. Jaxson is always willing to help his teachers as well as his classmates."  

Lupita Alonso was nominated by Mrs. Rowland. Mrs. Rowland says "Lupita has only been back on our campus for a total of 7 days, as of 2/25 and every day she arrives with smiles and hugs and a spirit of generosity and love!"

Casen Dunham was nominated by Mrs. Derryberry. Mrs. Derryberry says "Casen is a fantastic student inside and outside of the classroom. He always goes above and beyond with his assignments and is always willing to help other students when they are in need. Casen is a great example of what makes a great SIS student!"

Jaeynne Robles was nominated by Mrs. Cowley. Mrs. Cowley says "Jaelynne is a little light in class! She is an amazing writer and a hard worker. She has a wonderful sense of humor and makes those around her smile. Jaelynne always is paying attention in class and follows instructions. She is an amazing student and friend. Felicidades, Jaelynne!"

Gabriel Jackson was nominated by Mr. Birks.  Mr. Birks says "Gabriel always does what he is asked. He is willing to help and always has a good attitude."