School Board Photos

January is School Board Appreciation Month.  Please join us in thanking the SISD Board of Trustees for their dedication to the students and staff of our district.  They are alumni, retired teachers, parents, business owners, and community members.  Most importantly, they are committed to the success of every student. 

The Snyder ISD Board of Trustees is one of eight schools in the Lone Star Governance Exemplar Cohort two.  The Texas Education Agency recognizes The Lone Star Governance (LSG) Exemplar Cohort as an intensive program designed for committed governing teams—school boards with their superintendents—that are dedicated to continually cultivating and sharpening their focus on one primary objective: improving student outcomes.

Dr. Eddie Bland, Superintendent of Schools for Snyder ISD states, “The Board of Trustees’ unwavering support to student success has been instrumental in moving our district forward.  ‘Students first’ is their primary focus and their commitment is sincere.”