2020-2021 School Calendar Update

SISD 2020-2021 School Calendar Update:
After reviewing results from staff and family surveys, consulting with local health officials, and hearing recommendations from SISD administration the SISD Board of Trustees approved an amended Snyder ISD calendar for the 2020-2021 school year with the first day of school for in-person and virtual classes being moved to Tuesday, September 8, 2020. The revised calendar and additional details will be released on Monday, July 27th.

According to our recent surveys:
34% of families plan to select virtual school while 66% of families plan to select on-campus instruction
79% of both families and staff members are in favor of delaying the start of school until September 8th

By delaying the start of the school year until September 8th Snyder ISD is: allowing the recent increase of COVID-19 cases in Scurry County to recover and monitor local conditions, increasing the number of days to train staff on the virtual platform and allowing more time to secure and prepare technology resources for the virtual platform and 1:1 initiative

UIL recently announced fall sports for 4A schools to continue as scheduled. The first day of practice will remain August 3, and games and matches will begin in August. We will abide by UIL guidelines for these events. More details on spectators and other requirements will be announced soon. The release from UIL is available at https://www.uiltexas.org/policy/covid-19
I want to remind you that online registration is open. Although there is no hard deadline, we ask that you register your child before August 1 so we can adequately plan for the school year. When you register your child for school, you will select between virtual or on-campus instruction. Please choose the option that best meets the needs of your family. The district has established a grace period for three weeks after the first day of school, allowing families to change instructional environments. After that date, you can change enrollment between on-campus and virtual instruction at the end of each grading period. If special circumstances arise during the school year requiring a switch to virtual classes, please contact the principal for guidelines.

The Back to School Bash will continue as planned on August 1 from 8 am - 3 pm. You may reserve your time when you register your student for school. As soon as we have information about other back to school events, technology distribution, and class assignments, we will communicate that with you.

We appreciate the flexibility and support of our families, students, and staff as we navigate these uncertain times together. Our commitment to providing students with a quality education in a safe and inclusive environment remains unchanged. We will utilize this additional time to diligently prepare for the school year and encourage each of you to stay safe and stay well.

Eddie Bland, Ed. D. Superintendent of Schools, Snyder ISD