Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update from Snyder ISD - March 15, 2020

Update from Snyder ISD - March 15, 2020
SISD families, I know you are eager to hear an update from our district. Over the weekend, SISD officials have been in regular communication with the Texas Education Agency (TEA), Scurry County Health Unit, and medical experts. As of Sunday, March 15th, Scurry County does not have any confirmed active Coronavirus/COVID-19 cases that would lead us to close the school.
Currently, we plan to reopen schools for students on Wednesday, March 18th. The safety and well being of our students is of the highest priority to our district. We have significantly increased our preventive measures and are closely monitoring students and staff for health symptoms. We understand that all of our families have concerns. Some of you will want to keep your kids home and some of you will want to send your children to school. We are working on plans for all of you. We want to empower you as parents to make the call whether or not to send your child to school during this time. This situation is changing rapidly, should a full-school closure become necessary, we will notify you as soon as possible.
For parents who want to keep their children at home. Your child’s absence will be excused if you choose to keep your child home because of concerns with COVID-19/Coronavirus.
•School notification: Please complete the Student Absence Notification Form to notify the district of your plans to keep your child home. It is available on our website and social media page.
Alternate education options: Our staff is working hard to provide you with resources to continue your child’s education at home. We do not want students to fall behind. Parents/guardians should commit to facilitating instructional support and time for students to complete coursework. Instructions for accessing instructional material will be provided by Monday, March 23rd.
•Student meals: We are working with our Food Services Department on a plan to provide meals to students whose parents elect to keep their child at home due to COVID-19/Coronavirus concerns.
For parents who want to send their children to school. We are making operational adjustments to provide the safest and healthiest environment possible.
•Hydration: Water fountains are covered to reduce the risk of spreading germs. However, to encourage proper hydration, we are requesting parents to send water bottles with students. Water bottles will be provided to students who do not have one. Some campuses are equipped with bottle fillers and those will be left open for use.
•Health & hygiene education: Nursing staff and teachers will review hygiene practices with students and reinforce healthy habits throughout the day.
Disinfecting/cleaning: Custodial staff will clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces and fill soap and sanitizer dispensers throughout the day. The E-mist disinfectant system will be used on buses and in classrooms daily after the kids have left.
•Mealtimes: The cafeteria will serve meals for breakfast and lunch, as usual. Lunchtimes may be altered to allow for more distance between students.
Campus visitation policy: Beginning Wednesday, March 18th, SISD will temporarily limit ALL campus visitors, including parents and volunteers. Parents will only be allowed on campus to pick up or drop off their children. If a parent meeting is scheduled, they will be required to complete check-in and check out at the office or campus clinic. Parent participation in Admission Review Dismissal (ARD), RtI, 504, or LPAC meetings will continue on campus as usual, but participants will be subject to screening.
Snyder ISD along with school districts around the world are facing unprecedented circumstances. We appreciate your patience as we do our absolute best to accommodate all students during this time. This is a rapidly changing situation. As soon as we have information available we will get it out to you as quickly as possible.
Student Absence Notification Form: